Why is a surge protector so important?

Just like any electronic equipment, you want to protect your door opener and its wiring from any surge of power that may enter the home. For example, after a storm, power is out, or it may go on and off. With these kinds of surges, often electronic equipment is vulnerable. To prevent damage, a surge protector is used, just as you would use a surge protector for your TV or computer equipment. Often, we will recommend one. If you do not know if you have one, ask your service technician or salesman to check.

My remote control does not work, now what?

  1. Check the batteries.
  2. Find your manual for further instructions.

Do you sell parts and accessories?

At our showroom, we sell all parts and accessories for the garage doors and openers we sell. Please bring your old parts so we can make sure you are purchasing the proper replacements.

Once I order my door(s), how long must I wait for installation?

The average is two to three weeks. Once your door arrives at our warehouse, we will call you for a date to install.

I am building a garage. When should I request a quote?

You should call and make arrangements for an estimate as soon as possible. We can walk you through and recommend the proper sized door for your building. Proper measuring and accuracy from the beginning of the build are essential.

Can I paint my C.H.I. overhead door?

You can paint a C.H.I. overhead door with any outdoor paint; however, it does void the warranty that is offered with the door. C.H.I. only covers their own custom colors that are used on their doors.

What should I do to prepare and service my garage door for winter or after winter?

Lubricating and tightening hardware and bearings is always a good idea. It prevents rust that may occur. Check cables for frays or wear that may cause breakage. You can always contact us to thoroughly go through your mechanics and probably prepare your garage for winter.

I only have one spring broken. Why should I replace both of them?

Standard procedure in the door industry is to replace both springs at the same time. Even though only one has broken, more than likely the second is not far behind. Both springs have had the same wear and tear on the metal.

My garage door will not close, it goes back up while closing. What should I do?

Check the alignment and what may be in the way of the photo eyes. These are located on each side of the door, near the bottom. Sometimes debris, tools, snow, or leaves may be in the way. Sometimes, it can be a pile of gravel that is in the way causing the sensor to catch and send the door back up. There is a safety feature in place so that if anything should get in the way of the door, such as an animal, the door will go back up. Sometimes, the photo eyes get misaligned, causing a breach in the sensor. Make sure each one aligns with the other on the other side.

Why do I have a gap at the bottom of my door and what can I do to close it up?

All overhead doors are measured before the door is installed. Cracks or uneven surfaces such as mud or stone can create gaps at the bottom of the door. An overhead door can't be made to the uneven surface that is currently at the site. The surface must be created flat to prevent gaps at the bottom of the door. Many concerns are drifting snow and/or wetness from rain. There are products to help ease gaps at the bottom of a garage door. If this is going to be a concern, please ask your sales consultant about how to prevent this and they can show you some cost-effective problem-solving.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing through GreenSky, LLC. Loan program headquartered in Atlanta, GA. You can apply through your salesman, on our website, or at our office. It is a paperless application process and you will receive your decision and funding the same day, if not in minutes.

I need to call for service, but my door will not shut. What should I do?

Usually, you can shut the door to avoid an emergency service call charge by pulling on the red cord that is hanging from the garage door opener rail in the ceiling. This will release the door to come down manually. Please be careful as the door can be slightly heavy and awkward for some. You will be able to open and close the door manually until a service technician is able to come.

Do you offer emergency service calls?

Yes, we do offer emergency service calls. Please contact our office at (716) 655-5109 or Patrick at (716) 863-5602. All emergency service calls after-hours are $160.00 first hour, and pro-rated thereafter.


Have additional questions about your garage doors in Hamburg NY? Give our team a call today so we can help with all your garage door service needs.